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Unreal Tournament game series in general Empty Unreal Tournament game series in general

Post by LtColonelRoyMustang on Fri May 05, 2017 9:22 pm

I bought the original Unreal Tournament game of the year edition and Unreal Tournament 2004 off of a webpage called gog.com (good old games, a google search is your friend if you haven't heard of it and would like to check it out) They were $10 a piece, and are DEFINITELY WORTH picking up despite being older games on PC! There are sooooooooooo many mods, skins, and styles you can get for these games! I have been having a HUGE blast playing these games again! I used to have A BUNCH of mods for UT2004 a long time ago and have been slowly building that back up again and will be doing that for UT2003 and the original Unreal tournament as well!

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